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Two Amigos

This is rare to see the two together like this during the day. These photos were taken today around noon. I think the rescued one is on the left, probably a female since it's larger.

Notice the light brown downy feathers are almost all gone on their breasts, and you can see the permanent feathers underneath.

It's amazing how well they have bonded again after being separated for so long. They look well fed don't they?

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  1. Pat, my name is Sam Kerro, I was with the 50th in 67-68 crewed with Col. William Boyd, I was his Loadmasters. I remember your flight with the burning aircraft , saw the plane after the fact but never really heard the story. I was on the crew with Col. Boyd that went into Kham Duc on May 12, 1968(Mothers Day). I also flew with Col. Balch and the Maj.,he was a Navigator that was standing next to him in one of the pictures at the OC. So glad you guys survived. If you get this please drop me an email at [email protected], would like to hear from you. I also have pics from our Kham Duc rescue mission. Take care and God Bless.

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