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Eye Injury Update

So today I was shooting solely to see how the eye injury looked on O-2. Not much change, really. It looks like she is keeping the eye closed so hopefully it is an injury that will heal itself. It doesn't look good at this point, but hopefully it is not as bad as it looks. Otherwise, O-2 appears to be quite healthy and growing by leaps and bounds. The injury doesn't seem to affect her branching ability, as you can see she is on the branch while O-1 takes it easy in the nest. It is pretty apparent that they are getting to the point where both don't fit in the nest hollow, and as a matter of fact, I have noticed that they appear to be roosting on the branch above the nest at night. Will check back in a few days for an injury update.

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Today’s Owl Photos

O-2, on the right, possible eye problem?

As you can see, looks like O-2, the smaller of the two owlets, may have a problem with its right eye. Hard to tell, actually; it could be just a minor problem. We'll see in a few days if there's any change.

Both these guys spend most of their day out on the branch now. Both appear to be developing normally with the exception of O-2's eye problem.

Mom perched high above her two branchers.

O-1 out on a branch, O-2 in the nest.

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Owl Update

Beautiful day today, temperature in the 70's, clear sky, light breeze.  The babies are getting bigger, almost outgrowing the nest.  They haven't branched yet but I'm expecting them to any day now.  O-2, on the right, is the shy one peeking around the corner at the action down on the ground.

O-1 is on the left, O-2 on the right.

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