Pat Hatch's PhotoJournal

From HDR into Night

So this was a couple of nights ago. The plan was to get out on the compass rose before sunset to set everything up for this shoot. I planned on starting with a few HDR (high dynamic range) shots while the sun was still pretty high, and then switch to off-camera lighting to catch the post sunset and twilight. Here is one of the HDR shots:

HDR test shot no. 4

Here is another HDR shot to illustrate how carried away you can get with this stuff. I call this my "grunge" look, HDR to the extreme, makes it look more like an illustration than a photo. Not sure I like this but I see a lot of it around. Pretty obvious it's HDR, so I prefer the more subtle look.

HDR to the max.

Same as before, I had two strobes out front of the airplane gelled with orange. These are to provide rim lighting in front and under the airplane.  Here is the shot taken right after sunset:

Off-camera lighting no. 1

Here is the set-up shot revealing the two strobes forward of the main gear and the diffuser umbrella next to the camera tripod:

This last shot (below) was taken as the last of the ambient light was fading out and as the new moon came into the frame. I went to flip on the navigation lights for effect, and they didn't come on. Later, I found a broken connector behind the switch. Oh well.

Off-camera lighting no. 2.