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Mom & Two Hatchlings

It was chilly this morning. This was about 10:30 a.m. and the mother was staying nearby until it warmed up a little more. The smaller hatchling was snoozing and out of sight.

Mother and the larger hatchling.

I waited for a least an hour for the second baby to wake up and was just about to give up when sleepy began to stir a little—and then promptly went back to sleep. Have not seen any evidence of a third one for the last several days, so I have pretty much conceded that we have just two this year.

And finally the second one wakes up!

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A Couple of Baby Owls

I got my first good look at the chicks today. Since it's warmed up a little, mama has been wandering off and letting the little ones have a look around. She wasn't far away, though, and keeping a wary eye on me the whole time I was photographing the babies.

Here's the first one:

Baby Owl #1

A little while later a second one woke up and had a look around:

And then there were two...

I managed to get a fairly clear shot of the mama even though she was well hidden high up in the oak tree.

Mama Owl

I can't rule out a third baby yet—I thought I saw some movement behind the other two, not sure though. I'll keep looking and let you know.

Of course, these are Great Horned owls, for those of you who haven't been here before. This family returns every year to have their young. Last year there were three wonder where they are!

You can check out my posts from last January, February and March to see what last year's brood looked like.

Check back in a few days and perhaps I'll have some more for you.

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