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  1. Hey Pat, Tres here just checking out your blog. RV’s look nice. I am just finishing up my private, looking to get a completed RV my self. stay cool tell everyone i say hello and hope all is well.

  2. Pat,Never knew you had sooo! much talent!! Really love your blog,your photo’s are great your plane is truly a work of art.Chloe is so grown up,hope to visit soon and see her in action of course love her mare.Special Hi! to Linda and her Mom I will try to call her later.Your long time C.R. friend.Love to all. Barb

  3. Hello Pat,

    My name is Tony; I work for RAM Mount and am asking permission to use your images of ipad with RAM Mount for a our gallery page. Thanks a bunch!

  4. Tony, yes, you have my permission. Thank you for asking. PH

  5. Hi Pat
    Tom Yocky here. It’s been a while. Life is like that. Always appreciated making your acquaintance,always knew you are REAL. I’ve had a glass or two of good wine and the right side of my brain
    said I should reach out and say thank you. Guys like you and John O’Meara and my cousin Buzz , Vets in general, if anyone , deserve to hear THANK YOU . Pat I’m a father of four the grandfather of six “to date”and my life continues storybook like. On behalf of so many, Thank You Guys, Thank you, Thank you ,Thank YOU

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Pat.

  7. Tom,

    I tried to reach you via your e-mail but it bounced. Please leave your e-mail so that I can contact you! Thanks and great hearing from you!


  8. Hi Pat,
    I saw your blog on the Loran antennas for 2 meters. How do you deal with the preamp that is installed in the base of some of the antennas? Or, do you somehow know which ones don’t have a preamp?

  9. Hey buddy! You’ve got some great pics in here. Oh boy your getting good with that camera of yours..he, he. I see you’ve also got a new navigation toy, fantastic device you “jury rigged” into your cockpit. Your pretty good with making devices to make things easier for you in that hot rod of a plane you got…lol
    Hey I’ve just got done shooting lots of pictures the last few days up in Lake Kissimmee, St Cloud area of eagles and I was thinking it must be near the time your Owls should be making their nest ready. Have you seen them fellas out there recently?.. Any who, glad to see your doing fine in here. Drop me an email soon. (Did you know I repair and build custom computers on the side?)

  10. Happy New Year! Missed hearing from you all at christmas so came on your Blog .What beautiful pictures of your gal and her new horse,you have wonderful subject matter to work with ,tell her ConGrats! for me.Your wild life pictures should be in a book.Paige is going to get an Austrailian Shepard Pup and has the last Victorian home on the right going up to the cog railway and the incline in Manitou Springs ,Co.She has it on VRBO go to co. then manitou springs it has sum nice Pics she leases it out just locks her things in a master closet and rents a room from a friend she is doing well with it and is planning on buying another home in Cedar Heights,Co.soon as her real home.Seth her boyfriend won a silver medal at Worlds in Paris with team epee and was named athalete of the week by school went up the most in grade points of any school in Co.Rob is still head of The modern Penthalon assc.for the olympics.Paige qualified and bought her house on her own.Know how proud you are of Choe.I am proud of Paige.Lost 2 of my friends this year Norma Lenkowski in C.R.and Reba my friend from Stuart.I am working on plans and still trying to go to work.I will be 75 this year but only take a vitamin and swim outdoors any day it is over 45.How is Linda doing?Her Mom?Please give my love to all.Barb Fox

  11. Dad,

    The photos are great. Almost didnt recognize Chloe. She is a gorgeous young lady. You all have done a wonderful job with her. Oh, and my regards to the mail model.

    love you all,

  12. oops, the MALE model.

  13. Pat, I always check in to see if there is any new pictures. So do you have anything new to through up on your site. What you say about a little get together? I’ll bring one and you bring one. name the place and time. 🙂

  14. Hello,

    I am looking for some pictures of owles for on the wall in my new home. With google search i found some really great photo’s on your site. I was hoping to print them at 30×40 cm. Unfortunally, the resolution on this site is to low for a good print out.

    Is it okay if i email you 4 photo numbers so that you can send them back in full resolution. That would be great.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards,
    Robin Griffith

  15. Mr. Hatch, I’m finishing my RV6 and noticed that you chose the larger oil cooler( 8432R). Well, I did too. I have not installed it yet as I am conflicted about a mount like yours or a firewall mount with plenum and scat tube. Could you share current thoughts on how your choice is working and if you would change anything or stay with the baffle mount. Thanks Patrick Hubbard

  16. Hi Pat,
    My name is Stephanie Hartman. I am the Education Director for the Alaska Zoo and I am putting together some good photos of camouflaged birds for trivia games for both adults and children to use in our presentations. Would it be okay for me to use one of your photos of the great horned owl in the tree? We will not sell, etc. this photo, it would be strictly for use in our presentation. Please let me know. Thanks!
    Stephanie Hartman

  17. Pat,

    You link over to a blog called “The Intrepid Introvert – Gary Jackson” do you by chance have a way to contact Gary Jackson? It’s personal and I would be happy to answer questions as to why. Please email me.


    David Logan

  18. Pat
    I was rooming the internet and came across your “photo journal” .I believe the last time we saw each other was in Natick,Mass in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s My wife “Linda and I live in Thomasville,Ga.

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